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Welcome to Ina technology, a one in all Site for Technology News. Technology is the bible of the modern world. we as human beings are the first species who have invented the maximum number of luxury items with the help of technology and therefore established us as the highest species in the hierarchy. Ina technology is a site that keeps you updated on the latest technological advances. The daily tech news section of Ina technology gives you the latest and the most relevant information regarding the latest developments in the world of technology.

Daily Tech News

  • The daily tech news reports that The tech giants like google and apple are suspending the systems of human voice grading that was a replacement for virtual assistants. Both the companies have approved ISP broadbands maps that are more accurate in investigating the acquisitions of facebook.
  • The daily tech news reports that An academic team of the USA says that the system of artificial intelligence should be recognized as the ideas of two inventors that should be patented through DTNS 3586 on the behalf of the inventor.
  • The broadcasters of the USA has filed a lawsuit jointly against the giant company Locast.
  • The daily tech news reports that the shipment of smartphones decreases consecutively for the seventh quarter.
  • According to the daily tech news, Intel has released the details about its latest laptop CPU named Ice Lake

Cool New Tech Gadgets

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker:
having problem with your disturbed sleep like most of the modern men and women do? This one is the best solution that you can find for your peaceful sleep. It tracks the hours of your deep sleep and the hours when you have been sleeping in rumbles and give you a clear idea of your sleep health.
Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera:
at an unbelievable price of just $1,198, this digital camera has the features like 1" Exmor Sensor with a high resolution of 20.1MP, a BIONZ X Image Processor and an LSI in the Front-End, an amazing 2.8-4.5 Lens by ZEISS Vario-Sonnar and a 24-200mm picture quality which is equivalent to 35mm.
Interactive time tracker:
believe it or not, we are all running short of time and most of us are late in our workplaces but no more with this interactive time tracker that keeps track of your routine and notifies you about your daily jobs.

Best Technological Companies in 2019

  1. World Wide Technology: this Colorado-based tech company has taken care of its employee’s in such a way that they would not like to go anywhere else and stay here all their lives
  2. Expedia Group: a Chicago based tech group that is one of the favorite workplaces for the new generation employees for its work culture and friendly atmosphere
  3. HP Inc.: HP is a world-famous tech company that makes PCs, laptops, and printers. The company is also voted to be one of the most productive and friendly workspaces that has a women-friendly atmosphere
  4. NetApp: the data storage solutions company in California is the best place where you can work in 2019 for its wonderful employee-friendly packages and atmosphere.
  5. Apple: this one is a world-famous name that makes computer hardware and software and world-class mobile phones.

The Popularity of Online Casino Apps and How Technology Is Transforming the Gambling Industry

Technological advancement has made the online casino industry thrive more than anything else. The technology has made casino games like Blackjack Games, Slots Games, Roulette Games, Online Poker and many more possibilities to be played on mobile phones. This could not be imagined without the technology supporting the apps. Who could have imagined playing the casino games like Blackjack Games, Slots Games, Roulette Games, Online Poker on pc or mobile phones in the age of land casinos? The games like slot games are purely based on random number generator that purely works on the principles of technology. Also, the online casinos offer the players a casino bonus to play the games. The casino bonus is offered to the new joiners in the form of welcome bonus or no deposit bonus. The casino bonus gives the players a great excuse to play the games without spending any money and winning real money instead.

How to Make Your Home Smart?

The recent times have seen the internet of things like google Alexa doing the jobs for you. It would not be wise to deprive yourself of a smart home with all the recent technological advances and luxuries.

Smart speaker:
getting a smart speaker for the room that you hang out the most can change the game for your family members and your guests. For the outdoors like rooftops and gardens, you can choose the same smart speaker with a waterproof version.
Smart led lighting:
the lights that brighten up your home more and pinches your pocket less are indeed smart enough.

Trending Tech Podcasts You Should Listen

Podcasts are short audio files that are downloadable through websites and comes in series for its listeners.

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast: if you are a hardcore technology fan, then this podcast os surely meant for you. It’s a show that gives you a detailed description of the latest technological advancements
  2. Analog(ue): this is for the more softcore techies as it not just talks about the technology but also its human side.
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