Commercial Operations

At LNA Technology LLC, our focus is on the design and manufacture of specialized receiving equipment, with a specialty in Low Noise Amplifiers (preamplifiers). We will supply off the shelf building blocks for your system, or develop a preamplifier or other system component to your specifications. Is there a signal at the edge of your detection capability? Is that weak signal important data or voice information that you must capture? If your system needs to “Seize Weak Signals” LNA Technology has the technology available to help.

— We Specialize In —
Ultra Low Noise Preamplifiers from 50 Mhz to 2.5 Ghz
High Ip3 and P1db Preamplifiers
Selective Preamplifiers with Cavity Input and / or Output filtering
Integrated system building blocks (preamp-relay-splitters)
Contract System and / or building block design
One of a kind, or limited production hardware
If there is a signal, that you “must hear”, we may be able to help!
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