CAV – EME Series

The CAV-EME series front end cavity is optimized for low noise figure rather than narrow bandwidth like the CAV-NB. The cavity provides limited rejection of out of band signals, but the primary goal is Ultra Low Noise Performance! To extend performance even further, we add a two stage output filter to reduce out of band signals, and help protect the mixer stage of the receiver from overloading problems.

The cavity outer, and inner conductors are silver plated, tuned by a premium piston trimmer, and the length of the gate lead is optimized for low noise figure and high gain. Improve your system signal to noise ratio, when operating weak signal modes with a CAV-EME preamplfier from LNA Technology!

Available in models from 100Mhz to 500Mhz.
Input connector: Type N(f) (Optional Type N(m)
Output connector: Type N or BNC (Optional SMA(f)
Custom order 144Mhz: CAV144EME $205(USD)
220Mhz: CAV220EME $190(USD) 432Mhz: CAV432EME $185(USD) Shipping Weight CAV144 & CAV220 = 3 lbs (1.4kg) CAV 432 = 2 Lbs (1 kg) Typical
Delivery Time= 1-2 weeks


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