CAV-NB Series

The NB series fights out of band signals before and after the gain stage. Here we see the
respose of a CAV144NB front end. The graphic
shows rejection before the second stage filter.
This unit, which is tuned for 144 Mhz, shows
the -10db points are 120 mhz, and 168 Mhz.
Out of band signals are not wasting valuable preamp power, leaving the active device to handle very weak signals, with plenty of reserve power.
This response graphic shows the NB series performance with both the input and output
filters tuned to 144 Mhz. There is some increase in gain due to improved output matching, and the pass band is reduced further, to provide
exceptional rejection of out of band signals.
This graphic shows the -10db points are 140 mhz, and 150 Mhz. The CAV-NB series represents an effective application of both input and output filtering.
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