Peak Reading Wattmeter Board

PR-80 Board Features
* Small Size 1.5 X 1.75 (in)
* High quality PC board
* High quality components
* Single 8-15 vdc power
* Low standby current (1ma)
* Easily calibrated (level, offset, peak hold)
* Does not effect wattmeter accuracy
PR-80 Assembled and tested for 30ua meter (Bird 43)
Convert average reading wattmeters to peak reading, by adding the PR-80 peak reading board between the line section / directional coupler and the meter. Models for Bird, Drake, Collins,
and most other analog meters.
The board can be installed inside the wattmeter case, or you can install it in a small shielded external enclosure.
A user supplied DPDT switch can be added for Peak / Average switching.
Detailed instructions are included to assist you in installation.
* Four hole universal mount
$7.00 for Insured priority mail shipping. (US)
PR-80 Series: $30ea
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PR-80W4 Assembled and tested for DrakeW4
PR-80W7 Assembled and tested for Drake WH7
PR-80312B-4 Assembled and Tested for Collins 312B4
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