PR-80M Board Features

Small Size 2.0 X 2.25 (in)
High quality 1oz double sided FR4
PC board with plated through holes
High quality components
Requires a single polarity power source of 8-15 vdc.
Low standby current (1ma)
Easily calibrated (level, offset, peak hold)
Does not effect wattmeter accuracy
Assembled and tested for 30ua meter
Convert your Bird or other average reading 30ua meter movement wattmeter to peak reading, by installing the PR-80M peak reading board.**(see note)
The board is designed to be installed inside the wattmeter case, right on the meter studs, or you can install it in a small enclosure. Just add a DPDT switch (not supplied) to allow switching between peak and average reading!
(holes are in the board for Pk /Av switch)
The PR-80M brings the parts and PC board together, so you don’t have to spend the time. The PR-80M comes to you assembled and tested, ready to go! For other wattmeters, instructions are included to assist you in selecting component values. PR-80M: $40ea
Pays for itself in Battery savings !
Mounts on the meter studs
$7.00 for Insured priority mail shipping. (US)
” The Peak Wattmeter Board That Really Works ! “
If you don’t have a Mini DPDT switch handy, we can supply that as well. The PR-80MS includes a quality switch, wired with 3″ leads to the board, and 6 inch power leads. As close to plug and play as it gets! PR-80MS: $45ea
PC board holes for optional Pk / Av switch installation.
**NOTE: The PR-80M may not fit some older meter stud spacings. Verify meter stud center to center spacing is within 1.45 – 1.55″ Outside of this range, use the PR-80 universal board.
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Now with captive screws for easier installation !
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