PR-90M Board Features

High quality 1.5 oz double sided FR4 PC board
High quality components
9v battery power (battery holder on board) or
8-15 vdc external power. (5.5X2.1mm power jack)
Low standby current (<1ma)
Easily calibrated (level, offset, peak hold)
Does not effect wattmeter accuracy
Convert your Bird 43 or other average reading 30ua meter movement wattmeter to peak reading, by installing the PR-90M peak reading board.**(see note)
The board is designed to be installed inside the wattmeter case, right on the meter studs. Peak / Average switch, and external power jacks are accessable through the wattmeter side openings.
This is the “complete” solution for adding peak reading capability! Auto switching of battery and external power means the battery will be ready when you take the meter portable! Run it on the bench from a external power source, for continuous
operation, without depleting the battery!
PR-90M: $69.95ea
Easy “drop in” installation (Meter stud mounting)
$7.50 for Insured priority mail shipping. (US)
” The Peak Wattmeter Board That Really Works ! “
Credit Cards
Works with Bird / CD / other 30ua meter movements
provided the case has side openings.
U.S. Orders
For International orders, use the International PayPal button !
External power input spike protection
Peak mode limiter circuit protects meter movement
Common mode RF filter for high accruacy measurments, even at high power levels
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