Amateur Radio Order Policy – Technical Problems and Assistance

Many of our products are utilized in very complicated high performance systems.
Many applications are highly customized and performance may or may not be documented. If you have a question, or need assistance, we prefer that you use Email
to communicate your questions or comments. This allows both LNA Technology, and the customer to have a written record of both the questions and answers. Our incoming
Email is checked every 60 minutes during week days, from 7am to 7pm. We also
check incoiming Email periodically on evenings and weekends.
We will do our best to help you apply our products, and assist you in adapting or
connecting our products into your system. The customer is expected to do their
part, by observing safety procedures, preventing / limiting damage to their system,
and the LNA Technology product they purchase. We do warranty our products,
but it is a warranty, not an insurance policy. If you damage an item, tell us, so we
know what happened, and what to expect if you return the item for repair. Our repair charges are reasonable. We want our units in the field performing for you!
We make a serious effort to provide reliable products. We strive for perfection, but
are realistic in our expectations. If a product fails, we want to make it right. Please let us know as soon as you can, and we will do our best to correct the problem as quickly as we can. If you ask a LNA Technology customer what they like about us, most will tell you that we do what we say we will do, and when we say we will do it. We are customers too, and we know the dissapointment that is felt if a new purchase does not meet expectations. At LNA Technology, we recognize the skill and determination of Amateur Radio Operators all over the world, and share in the great satisfaction you feel when your station performs at the highest level possible.
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