RFCA Series RF Switched Preamplifiers

Simplify the insallation of a station preamplifier with the LNA Technology RFCA series RF switched preamp.
A high performance relay package and
RF detector switching circuit detects the presence of transmit signal, and quickly switches the transmit power around the preamp.
The preamp board is mounted in
a protective compartment, away from the power handling section.
A transmit power clamp circuit protects the preamp input and output during switching propagation delay, insuring a long, trouble free service life.
* 1 Year Limited Warranty
Power source and feedline installation are all that is required to add receive system gain.
Modular RF isolation construction, allows use of any CA / CF / SA / SSA series preamp.
RF rated coaxial relays, not “open frame type”
160 / 250 Watts 50- 399 Mhz
Switches preamp out of line when transmit RF is detected.
Preamp and relays all in one mast mountable package.
External switching command line with RF over-ride allows hard switcning of relays via sequencer or other control systems, with
RF detection back up, in the event of a
control system failure.
Complete system in a weather-tight enclosure! Just mount the RFCA unit to the mast or antenna boom using the supplied U Bolt, connect the antenna and feed line, apply 12-15 volts DC power source, and the system is ready to use.
75 / 150 Watts 400-700 Mhz
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