CX Series Low Noise Preamplifier – High Level / High Power

CX series Low Noise High Power Preamplifiers were designed to handle extreme RF pollution, while amplifiying weak signals. The CX series features over 1 watt of bias power, allowing reception of weak signals in the most demanding RF pollution areas / applications.

In our congested RF enviroment, a preamplifier that goes into compression is just another weak link in your system. The CX series provides an impressive INPUT P1db level of 0 dbm, and Ip3 performance ranging from +35 dbm to +45 dbm depending on the frequency range / model. The PHEMT device provides high dynamic range, and low noise performance that you would expect from a leading edge component, when utilized in a conservativley designed circuit.

The use of SMT design, and quality components; ceramic capacitors, ceramic resistors, and a 1 amp bias regulator insure years of trouble free performance. The LNA Technology CX series may solve your tough receiving problems.

50 Mhz:CX50HP 70 Mhz:CX70HP $139.95
144Mhz:CX144HP 220Mhz: CX220HP $139.95
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