CX Series LNA Specifications

Active Device: E-PHEMT
Power Requirement: 10-14Vdc @ 350ma
Gain (typical):
50Mhz= 24db
144Mhz= 22db
220Mhz= 22db
432Mhz= 19dbNoise figure (typical) @ 25c:
50Mhz < . 5db
144Mhz < . 4db
220Mhz = . 5db
432Mhz = . 6db

Output P1db: +25dbm
Ouput IP3:+40 dbm

Operating Temperature range: -10 to +50
degrees Celsius (to +70c with baseplate cooling)

Connectors: Type N (female) standard
Others available at additonal cost.

Price: $139.95(USD)

(all electrical specifications
representative of a typical unit)

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